Thursday, September 13, 2007

Big Ol' Jet Airliner - G!

I reserved my spot and booked my plane to Oracle OpenWorld 2007 yesterday. I'm staying in the Union Square area for the second year in a row (after being out toward the airport in 2005). A Union Square stop allows me to be a creature of habit - Borders, the Virgin store, the Burger King, etc.

I'll grant that I'm not quite as settled in Union Square as I am in the Rideau Centre area of Ottawa - I still haven't found an NTN/Buzztime game in the Moscone Center area, for example - but it'll do.

MegaCorp's internal airline reservation system now offers the ability to check neighboring airports for lower prices. As a result, I'm actually flying into Oakland and BARTing my way to the fun and games. Haven't flown into Oakland before, so that will be a wonderful adventure.

And a followup - my pillow is still going strong. Back in the day, I seem to recall that even Oracle acknowledged my pillow post. I guess it was break from the more technical content that others provide.

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