Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sports ain't the only way to go - Impact Cowboy Church

Excerpts from a post from Pastor David:

On Sept 23, Mike and Jane Bailey (Mike is a Liberty Fellowship Presbyter and LF Church Plant Director) traveled with Debi and me to Nacogdoches, in East TX, to visit Stan, Caye, and Jonathan King. Stan was an Associate Pastor here and is now planting Impact Cowboy Church....

Vine Fellowship along with Liberty Fellowship are helping them in this endeavor. This is Vine Fellowship's first church plant and we believe that God is going to bless Impact Cowboy Church....

They will begin their first service this Saturday evening, October 6th. They have a lot of cowboys to draw from as well as the Steven F. Austin State University campus.

I couldn't find a website (I guess real cowboys don't do web), but we'll need to keep this ministry in our prayers.

Speaking of which, Sports Church seems to have dropped off the news radar - Britney Spears news does that to you.

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