Monday, September 17, 2007

Now Twitter is REALLY succinct and all-encompassing

As you can see by peeking at the upper left corner of my blog, I got meself a Twitter account yesterday. I did it for two reasons:

  • To explore the possible business applications of Twitter - for example, as a way to exchange information during the crowded mess that is (or will be) Oracle OpenWorld 2007.

  • To check for celebrity twitters so that I can know when Paris Hilton is "eating a rice cake."
So far the only drawback that I've noticed is that you can't use mobile Twitter ( to designate people to follow - you have to either use the full Twitter web page or use text. (And with a Megacorp phone without unlimited text, and a healthy addiction to traffic updates, texting to Twitter is out of the question.)

I also tried to use the mototrips Twitter thing, but it's either turned off or it never worked at all or I'm just not doing it correctly.

Anyway, if you think my ramblings in this blog are too long, you may prefer to read me here. At Twitter, my ramblings are limited to 140 characters.

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