Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another update on Jyrki Kasvi

I thought I'd check the blogs for the latest on Jyrki Kasvi, as a followup on my post from last week. And I found something:

Eilen aihetta sivuttiin myös moneen otteeseen COSS:in Avaa ja säästä -tapahtumassa, jossa puhujana olivat mm. Martti Karjalainen oikeusministeriöstä ja kansanedustaja Jyrki Kasvi.

I think it means that he was entered in a beauty contest.

Hope he did well. Did he wear a Klingon suit?


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Harri J. Talvitie said...

No, actually it means he gave this speech.

Listen and learn.

Harri J. Talvitie said...

.. learn Finnish, that is :-)

Sorry, no transcript/translation available. Yet.

Ontario Emperor said...

If he ain't saying "Taquito," I'm gonna miss it.