Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jyrki Kasvi Revisited

After getting a hit on this post, I thought I'd see what Jyrki Kasvi is up to.

Turns out he's blogging:

The enthusiasm of leaders of Finland's government parties for writing on-line diaries seems to have largely evaporated since the March Parliamentary elections....

Great expectations have been placed on politicians' blogs for some time now. It has been said that they increase direct communications between citizens and politicians. However, blog writing by leading Finnish politicians has been fairly meagre.

The busiest political blog writers have been either ordinary Members of Parliament, or leaders of small political parties.

Green MP Jyrki Kasvi is in a class of his own as a blog writer. He says that his blog gets 3,500 hits a day. His pages are also among the most popular in the service.

"It is just as common for me that people on the street will come and talk about my blog, as it is for them to say ‘hey, you're and MP, aren't you?'" Kasvi says.

As Kasvi sees it, a good political blog needs to have a personal dimension - otherwise it easily turns dull....

Few politicians let readers write comments into their blogs. In the case of the Prime Minister, the comments would probably have to be screened in advance, which could be rather cumbersome.

Jyrki Kasvi insists, however, that comments in the blog are the main idea.

"politicians have been too sensitive about allowing comments", Kasvi says.

Of course, Kasvi would then have to read about the woman who is "going to Cali."

A small price to pay for keeping oneself from being insulated, I guess.


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