Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What do Kiira Korpi and Ron Paul have in common?

Take a look at this:

A Hungarian news portal, [origo] sport started a poll, where you can choose the most beautiful woman from the world of sport.

If you want to vote for Kiira Korpi (and I’m sure you want), you can do it here by clicking on “Erre szavazok” under her photo.

Now look at this:

Sometime back I was just looking whats the most common topic of blogging on Technorati and I saw name of this guy called “Ron Paul” -2008 Hope of America. Wondering who this Ron Paul is? The guy who have so many people blogging about him. I searched google with his name and found some interesting facts.

Now let's see what those facts are. His position on Iraq? His position on the proper role of the Federal government? Not exactly:

First of all check out the comparison of search volume on google trends. It shows searches made on google with term ron paul is almost equal to searches made with names of barack obama and hillary clinton put together.

Granted that not all coverage of Korpi or Paul concentrates on the trivialities. But let me add a triviality of my own:

  • Can Kiira Korpi be elected President of the United States? No. Even if the Schwarzenegger amendment were to be passed, allowing foreign-born people to be elected President, there's still that pesky age requirement.

  • Can Ron Paul win an Olympic gold medal in ladie's figure skating? No. I'm pretty sure they do sex testing, although they made an exception for Princess Anne. (No comment.)


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nishu said...

lol nice simmilarity

Ontario Emperor said...

But one other important difference. Ron Paul isn't covered by Bob Costas.