Thursday, June 7, 2007

Paris Hilton is Very Very Sick

Most Americans have dealt with HIPAA in some form or another over the last couple of years. For example, whenever my wife and I go to a doctor, we have to sign papers providing authorization to look at each other's records. (I knew one couple that DIDN'T sign said papers, with disastrous results.)

This is, as Royal Oaks of KFWB noted, part of the reason why Steve Whitmore has to be tight-lipped about the reasons that Paris Hilton was reassigned to home confinement (although he said state for the record that Hilton did not get a staph infection while in jail).

I'm sure that Rebecca Nesler will think less of me, but you can bet that others will speculate about Paris' medical condition, so I might as well join the pack.

  • Jail confinement adversely affected Paris' addiction to camera lights. This morning, Tracy Simers and Fred Roggin recounted a story from Jeanie Buss about the time that Jeanie's father Jerry Buss was getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - and Paris Hilton showed up, uninvited.

  • Jail confinement adversely affected Paris' addiction to In N Out, or Carl's Jr. Take your pick.

  • Paris contracted tuberculosis while in jail, and LASD figured that there would be fewer lawsuits if Paris spread TB among her celebrity friends and the paparazzi (rather than among the prison population).

  • It was just too simple a life.


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