Thursday, June 7, 2007

Steve Whitmore Is My Hero

I was flipping the radio dials to listen to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department press conference on Paris Hilton's reassignment (KFWB had the most extensive coverage), and I have to confess some admiration for LASD spokesman Steve Whitmore.

Presumably Lee Baca called him in and said, "Steve, Paris has been reassigned to her home, but you can't say why. Now go out and talk to the celebrity press."

In that situation, Whitmore performed wonderfully (and Royal Oaks of KFWB praised him also). He was courteous as the press repeatedly tried every angle to discover Paris' medical condition, yet emphatic about what he could say and what he couldn't say.

P.S. After KFWB ended its press conference coverage, they aired a Wesley Hoaglund commercial. Life goes on.


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