Thursday, May 17, 2007

And now it's time for the Family Feud?

Not really.

Actually, it's probably not much of a feud, and to their credit Fred Roggin and Tracy Simers didn't oversensationalize it, but it's interesting anyway.

In T. J. Simers' absence, Jeanie Buss was a guest host on the Roggin and Simers Squared show. And she got into some interesting territory.

Jeanie Buss said Wednesday she was hurt by comments her brother Jim Buss made on the radio last week regarding her boyfriend, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson.

She was upset that her brother had criticized Jackson for, as she put it, "calling out players in the media."

"I thought that was interesting because that's what he was doing to Phil," Jeanie said while filling in as a guest host for T.J. Simers on the morning radio show with Fred Roggin and Tracy Simers on KLAC 570.

Jim Buss had made his comments on another show on the same station....

In that same segment, Jeanie Buss did acknowledge that this was an unusual situation for the Lakers. Generally she takes care of the business end and Jim takes care of the personnel end, but Jeanie's relationship with the coach makes things a little interesting. Someday, Jeanie acknowledged, Phil Jackson will no longer be coaching the Lakers, and this conflict will pass.


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