Thursday, June 7, 2007

No One Has Suggested An Ingrown Toenail Yet

Earlier today I speculated on the undisclosed "medical condition" that resulted in Paris Hilton's reassignment to house arrest.

Others have speculated also, blaming herpes or jail food or wealth. But the Akron Beacon Journal turns to celebrity blogger Jonathan Jaxson, who offers this exclusive explanation:

Paris was apparently suffering from severe panic attacks and depression, where she even became suicidal. Towards the end of her stay, Paris began, what others call, a nervous breakdown. Her psychiatrist was so concerned for her well being they did everything possible to get her to a place in which was comfortable for her and her health.

Luckily for Paris, she isn't in an Australian jail (2005):

Sue Ayoub wept with relief last August when she heard a judge had found her schizophrenic son mentally unfit to stand trial over a string of bizarre break and enter offences.

Eight months later, her 23-year-old son is still behind bars, in solitary confinement, and Mrs Ayoub weeps with despair. "Every night I cry," she says. "Every night, every night."

Mrs Ayoub's son, Mohamad, remains sedated and segregated in the maximum security Parklea jail - despite court rulings, advice from psychiatrists and Mrs Ayoub's pleas to politicians.

Instead of being considered for release into his mother's care, a transfer to hospital, or at least a move to less restrictive conditions in the prison system, Mohamad Ayoub has been left locked in a cell - all because the relevant mental health authority has not done its job.

And she isn't in Montgomery County, Maryland (1999):

Jail officials in Montgomery County, Maryland on Wednesday ordered Mike Tyson to remain in solitary confinement another three weeks because the former heavyweight boxing champion erupted in anger after being denied antidepressant medication for two days.

Tyson, a man with well-known psychiatric problems, will be locked in his 8 by 5-foot cell 23 hours a day and will not be able to receive visits or telephone calls, except from his attorneys or doctors. He will only be allowed to leave his cell for one hour of recreation each day.

Interesting to note that Tyson's punishment was similar to Hilton's regular routine.

And it's also interesting to note that many celebrity bashers are probably agreeing with Tom Cruise right now. Remember when everyone was shocked at this statement (2005)?

"Psychiatry is a pseudoscience," he told host Matt Lauer, later saying: "You don't know the history of psychiatry. I do."

More to come...


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