Friday, May 11, 2007

Not without my blogger - the best defense is a good offense

Followup. (More here and here.)

This is an excerpt from something that just ran in Finland for Thought:

Alexis Kouros...had filed a criminal report against me to the Helsinki police. He has accused me of 1) Defamation of character 2) Using a photo of him without his permission (shown right) 3) Using photos from his magazine without his permission.

The case had been given to an Inspector Jouni Jokinen who declared that any possible crimes are so small that it’s not worth investigating further, he made this recommendations to the District Prosecutor, Jaana Kivistö, who agreed with that recommendation. So the charges have been dismissed!...

My guess is that Kouros reads this blog, he discovered that we busted him for misrepresenting all these different companies like YLE, Iltasanomat, and STT. He read about the complaint I filed against him and the possible lawsuit, so he decided to launch a complaint against me. Attack is the best defense I guess. He launched a similar police investigation against Asa Butcher of The Ovi, charges were quickly dismissed there as well....

Re item 2. So if I run a picture of a dude in a weirdo shirt - whoops, that's defamation item 1 - if I run a picture of a dude in shirt, the police will hunt me down? Will George Lucas sue me for the R2D2 picture that's currently running on my MySpace page? (Note to self; update! Not because of copyright infringement - said R2D2 has been used by Lucas himself - but because my geek quotient is already too high.)

Maybe I'll follow Hot Librarian practice and run a stick figure or something. I'll stick Sally Field in the corner.

[4 MAR 2008 - UPDATE]


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