Saturday, April 21, 2007

Even later than the latest - Finland for Thought vs. Alexis Kouros

As you know, I've been tracking a "fair use" story in Finland. See my March 18 post and my March 22 post. If you read Finnish, perhaps you can make something out of this (which links to my March 22 post).

(pari päivää myöhemmin käy selväksi, että Finland for Thought on kuitenkin se, joka haastaa muita oikeuteen, otsikko vähän hämäsi...) (Ne Googlen Ad Senset näyttävät olevan paikoillaan sivuilla, joten "ilmianto" taisi olla vähän perusteeton?)

Anyway, here's the latest from Finland for Thought.

After much deliberation I’ve decided to file a complaint against 6-Degrees magazine Editor-in-chief Alexis Kouros to the Helsinki Court District for the damages he caused by sending misinformation to Google....

My complaints are that 1) I had every right to display those images because I did them under terms of fair use 2) We have written confirmation from two organizations that Alexis Kouros did not have the permission or right to speak on their behalf and represent them in anyway.

Either Kouros must pay my damages, or the case goes to trial. After the courts contact him about my complaint, he’ll have one month to decide. If he decides to goto court, the trial probably won’t be till the fall. I’ll be sure to update everyone when I get more info.

Which all feeds into this comment that was made in late March.

It looks like poor ol' Alexis is heading down the Googledrain...

Ah, but despite what's going on in the blogosphere, at least Kouros can turn to his film career to improve his image.

"I was made out to be a liar, a wife-beater, a madman, and a kidnapper in the eyes of the world", says the father in the story, Sayed Bozorg Mahmoody - or Moody - as he sits on the sofa of a Helsinki film production company.

Moody refers to the vast power of Hollywood as a creator of mental images. Not Without my Daughter is a lousy movie, but it is also a skilfully- constructed drama starring Sally Fields, and its version of the story of the Mahmoody family has been told to millions of people.

Moody is in Finland because another competing version of the story has been completed.

Without my Daughter, a 1.5-hour documentary by Alexis Kouros and Kari Tervo, tells about Mahmoody's vain attempts to make contact with his daughter who was taken - kidnapped - to America.

But Kouros forgets that people like Sally Field. Right now they like Sally Field.

[4 MAR 2008 - UPDATE]


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