Thursday, March 22, 2007

Followup to the Finland for Thought - Alexis Kouros Copyright Story

Followup. Here's the latest.

I’ve been contacted by Herkko Hietanen of Turre Legal, a Finnish law firm who focus on computer and corporate law. They will be handling my case and representing me pro bono.

You might remember Herkko from a couple years ago when I interviewed him on Radio Free Finland during the podcast’s debut show (click to download the mp3). He’s a PhD student and lawyer who specializes in IT-law particularly with open source, and co-founder of EFFI (Electronic Frontier Finland). He and his colleagues have just published a book, “Community Created Content. Law, Business and Policy” available on Amazon....

Herkko will be on YLE TV2...tomorrow night at 20.30 or YLE TV1 at 18.00 (not sure which yet, I’ll let you know) to discuss net libel cases. My case will be briefly mentioned (not sure to what extent yet).

[4 MAR 2008 - UPDATE]


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Anonymous said...

Interesting post, but a few essential corrections needed here:
1. Kouros is not a media mogul, but the editor of a small, grass root, immigrant newspaper called Sixdegrees.
2. schwarzmann has been harassing Kouros in his blog for years, Kouros never reacted to that.
3. Schwartzmann sued Kouros first, Kouros countersued.
4. Before finland for thought, Schwarzmann used to bark at Kouros and Sixdegrees in an Neo-Nazi site called, using the nickname “Eldrich”. He also donated money to that site through using his credit card (police is investigating).
5. Kouros is the best thing that has ever happened to the immigrant community in Finland, has produced a lot of genuine cultural stuff.
6. Scwarzmann is a shame to the blogging community, using his blog to abuse and defame people in the name of freedom of speech. He is certainly a troubled individual who needs professional help.
7. Scwarzmann gets salary form Nokia, using most of his working time to post and comment in his abusive blog. (he comments regularly on his own posts using a false nicknames)
8. Many of these Diggs and are Schwarzmann (and co) himself using this and bloginterlinking to desprately get publicity.
9. Pathetic! Isn’t it?

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you have posted this article on your blog, especially as it will now remain as a record as Finland For Thought has in effect been censored (as part of their settlement outside court).

As for anonymous' post, I am afraid I find it extremely hard to believe almost all of his claims.