Saturday, May 5, 2007

Quote of the Day

From Tundra Tabloids, in a followup to the whole Mikko Ellila thing:

One problem with the blogosphere is the ability for not entirely factual stories to be disseminated at amazing speed....I too have learned about the true focus of the Finnish Minority Ombudsman's enquiry and subsequent request to the Finnish police authorities for an investigation of Mr.Ellilä.

While the "insult" charge may be weak, there's probably enough "defamation" to go around.

As another example of the dissemination of stories at amazing speed, I heard a story on the radio about an actress who bought a poodle and got a sheep. By the time I got around to following up the story, I learned that the story that I heard was somewhat twisted (just like a bee buzzing in a jar - Stan's the man).

A Japanese film star has denied reports she was conned into buying a lamb disguised as a poodle.

Maiko Kawakami has dismissed stories she was the victim of a scam by tricksters importing lambs from Australia and Britain to sell as poodles to rich Japanese women.

It was widely reported that the scam came to light after Kawakami complained on a television talk show that her new poodle refused to bark or eat dog food.

"Ms Kawakami is very surprised by how much this has spread overseas. She was just recounting on television how she had heard of such a story while she was at a nail salon," a spokeswoman for her talent agency said.

"Ms Kawakami does not even own a poodle."

Here comes an old chestnut.

How many times over how many years do you have to explain to these imbeciles that Al Gore did not claim to have invented the Internet!?!?

I commented on this long ago:

(And yes, Paul, I was joking when I referenced Al Gore as the implied inventor of the Internet.)

More later.

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