Tuesday, May 15, 2007

<3 not, so remove?

Well, that's a new twist in the world of search. Someone got to my blog today with this phrase:

susan kuronen semi-nude

If you think about it, we're ALL semi-nude. (Well, perhaps some women in some extreme Muslim nations are not semi-nude.) I'm semi-nude right now. The Pope is semi-nude when he stands out on his porch.

But people are more interested in Susan Kuronen than the Pope. And even people in India are discussing the etiquette of it all:

SMSes seem to be gaining ground as a break-up tool. Sometime ago it was Britney Spears who gave her hubby Kevin the big boot via SMS; more recently Finnish prime minister Matti Vanhanen, dubbed the country's sexiest man, broke up with his girlfriend with a text message. Susan Kuronen, who Matti had met on the Internet, told reporters, "Matti dumped me in a text message, where he said 'that's it'."...

For many it's an easier way to cope with a difficult situation. Diana R says she'd never have been able to break up with her boyfriend of three years if not for SMS. She says, "We'd grown apart. He changed college and I was spending more time with guys in my college. It was only a matter of time. But I still wouldn't have been able to tell him face to face that I was moving on. So I took the SMS route."...

But actor Ashmit Patel doesn't agree. "It's not fair. Anyone breaking off a relationship must give the other person the time and chance to air their views and speak their heart. The SMS route is too impersonal," he says.

And it has unpredictable consequences. How many people receive an SMS and start taking off their clothes in response?


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