Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Starbucks can't own a sports team - caffeine is dangerous

Old news, but I'm just catching up to it.

Scott Ferrell announced a change at the Cardinals clubhouse:

The St. Louis Cardinals announced today they would no longer have beer in the clubhouse for their players.

The move comes on the same day that authorities said the late Josh Hancock was legally drunk when he was involved in a fatal accident.

I guess it's better late than never....

Pardon me, but is there another profession where you get done with the day there's beer in the workplace?

But NFL Adam makes the following comment:

Some Major League baseball teams have responded in its typical knee-jerk reaction to Josh Hancock's irresponsibility by banning beers from the clubhouse. The Angels will not be one of those teams. And if you have ever witnessed the drinking prowess of owner [Rita Moreno of Arte], that isn’t much of a surprise....

Maybe if the Cardinals really want to make a stand against the abuse of alcohol, the club can remove the Busch name from the stadium, or maybe no longer sell the product.


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