Wednesday, May 2, 2007

At least Monica Lewinsky never did this

From Finland for Thought.

Our Prime Minister’s ex-lover, Susan Koronen [is] posing semi-nude in Hymy magazine. She says that “Matti Vanhanen was a boring lover”.

The layout follows a book that was previously written:

A quite astonishing number of photographers and journalists were on hand, the latter group representing all shades from hardened political commentators to professionals from the so-called "entertainment media", or the gossip mags.

They were all present for the launch - or more accurately the "pre-launch" - of a new book in the "kiss and tell" genre. It is by Susan Kuronen, who last year had a brief affair with Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen that gained many column-inches in the Finnish tabloid press. Vanhanen's 20-year marriage broke down in 2005....

Kuronen herself gives the assurance that she is not looking for publicity as such. Writing a book has always been a dream for her.

This 15 minutes fame is getting bizarre. Since Michael Hanscom's on my mind, it should be noted that (to my knowledge) Hanscom did not pose nude after HIS 15 minutes of fame. And Linda Tripp opened a small business and is thus a contributing member to society. (And no, she didn't pose nude, either).

So where does Kuronen end up five years from now? Do they have Big Brother in Finland?


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