Monday, May 14, 2007

Search me

I used to do this all the time on my old blog, but don't think I've done it on the new (even though I have improved tracking capabilities today). Here are last week's top ten search terms used to get here:

tracy simers
mahree bok
jimmy michael giorsetti
msn photo server
susan kuronen nude
alexis kouros mrontemp
jimmy giorsetti
maryam muhammad
christine penner

It's interesting to note that two of the people above (Mahree Bok and Christine Penner) technically do not exist. Also, are people STILL running into the MSN Photos Server/photoemailfix problem? And why aren't people search for nude pictures of Maryam Muhammad or Jimmy Michael Giorsetti? Do you have to have an affair with a prime minister to fall into the "people want your nude pictures" category?

And Tracy Simers was on vacation today, as were her father and Fred Roggin - hence, Kevin and "the" Bean (oh, Reege!).

One more comment - why is someone specifically searching for "alexis kouros mrontemp" multiple times? Hopefully no nude photos are involved - of either of us.

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