Sunday, April 8, 2007

Cutting Edge Ministries - Washington the Freemason

I'm reading up on George Washington the Freemason again, and found this from Cutting Edge Ministries.

Take a deep breath.

The fact of the matter is that George Washington was, beyond question, a Freemason at the time--as were the majority of those involved in the initial stages of rebellion against England and King George. And some authors insist that Washington did not actually come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ until later in life....But one fact is beyond question: Washington was surrounded by Freemason "brothers" in the rebellion and was opposed by Freemason "brothers" in the English army and naval forces. This, needless to say, placed a tremendous strain upon the oaths they took to aid one another and makes charges of collusion more believable!...

[I]n His Sovereignty, God allowed an apparent overthrow of the King's control of the colonies--along with the subsequent establishment of a nation totally unique in the annals of history. I say "apparent" because circumstantial evidence exists that strongly suggests that the whole revolution was staged by Freemasons in accord with a plan envisioned by Francis Bacon over a hundred years earlier. Bacon wrote about a "New Atlantis" which would reach utopian proportions and then, like the fabled Phoenix, be destroyed and rise from its ashes. Jamestown, the first settlement upon American shores officially proclaimed to be such, was a joint venture between the English crown, Bacon, and Sir Walter Raleigh. And when the revolution was over, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, and John Adams are said to have entered negotiations with the crown to agree upon a treaty in which financial concessions were made. King George had invested considerable sums of money into the colonies and felt that he was due compensation. The treaty ending the war was not unconditional, as would be expected from a conflict in which one side defeated the other....

[T]he U.S. is, to this very day, financially linked to the British crown and treaties/documents are cited which prove that we are paying "benefits" to King George's successors through the Federal Reserve System.

But the main point I wish to stress is the influence of Freemasonry in the founding of our nation. As benign and benevolent as most apparently believe it to be, the organization is totally at odds with Christianity as it is defined in the Bible. The religion of Rosicrucianism (the "parent" organization) and Freemasonry is that of gnosticism--the quest for knowledge. The Apostle Paul spoke out against gnosticism and the Book of Colossians is his "magnum opus" on the subject. Francis Bacon is said by many authors to have been the leading Rosicrucian of his day and the originator of Scottish Rite Freemasonry....

The men involved in the so-called "Boston Tea Party"--where a ship-load of tea was dumped into the harbor because of the high taxes imposed upon it--was reportedly made up of those who had just left a lodge meeting at a local tavern. Freemason Patrick Henry's famous line about "Give me liberty, or give me death," has been a fixture in American History lessons ever since. Freemason Paul Revere is another name we recognize because of his midnight ride to warn that the British were coming. And lists of "famous masons" available on the Internet contain other historically significant names of men who took part in the rebellion.Were the secret societies solely responsible for fostering the revolution? Probably not. But to deny that they played a significant role is to ignore the facts.

And what should disturb God's people--particularly preachers--is that the actions of these men have been and continue to be promoted from pulpits across the nation as being the very essence of patriotism.


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