Saturday, December 13, 2008

A night of communism, atheism, and free love

After I read a Steven Hodson Inquisitr post on the first domains, I was moved to assemble information on my initial experiences on Usenet.

This got me into a Reed College reminiscing mood, so I ended up editing Richard Crandall's Wikipedia page to document his musical accomplishments.

I then ended up checking out the economics faculty.

It could have been worse. I could have tried to research that whole subway construction thingie. (That's my contribution to Reed lore. And you thought I just sat in the computer room and read Paddy O'Furniture jokes.)

P.S. For an explanation of the title of this post, read this John Sheehy article. An excerpt:

Given the labeling of [Reed] [C]ollege as a haven for “communism, atheism, free love” by hostile Portlanders, [the board of trustees] had their work cut out for them.

Reed was not the only liberal arts college branded with this or similar derogatory slurs after the Red Scare that followed World War I. However, it appears to be the only institution to which the brand stuck for the next century.

Be sure to go to page 8 to straighten out the differences between William T. Foster and William Z. Foster, and between Simeon Reed and John Reed. And this quote from Ruth Wetterborg Sandvik:

And then free love. I always enjoyed saying, "I didn't get any."

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