Friday, June 27, 2008

Kim Amidon update

This is a followup to two posts that I wrote earlier this year.

If you don't recognize the name Kim Amidon, perhaps you'll recognize "Mark and Kim."

Well, if you live in Los Angeles you will.

Anyway, I found an update on Amidon's whereabouts:

Reader Jean Sebern of Yucaipa sent along the following information, which came from a former co-worker of Amidon's:

"Kim is busy writing movie scripts and she has several being considered at various movie studios. Although she has no interest in returning to radio, she is being honored at a Women in Radio ceremony."

Amidon herself spoke in the Orange County Register in April.

"I never wanted to do radio for money. I always said I just wanted to do it for fun, and the fun got harder to have, and the stress of it all. So I am happy to be away from that now. I miss the listeners and I miss all the good things we got to do. But a lot of it was hard work, frankly.

'I want to do something in cooperation with other people where I do love it and I belong in it and I am making a contribution to the community by being a part of whatever that ends of being … that is what I meant about honoring my soul.

"I always struggled with all the gossip we did, for example, because I thought we could be more than that. I thought we could have been more of a positive force in Southern California. I mean really help people

"I wish Mark well, and I always will. But it was time to want to go deeper in my life, and in my work. Look at Oprah, look how much she has evolved as a human being. Her subjects now are so very important and empowering for people and, to me, that is making a difference. That is what will drive us as a society … not all the stuff happening on the radio now, to just shock and hurt, and profess opinions that don't do anything to help us move forward in cooperation as a society at all. It is the whole state of radio that I find sad."

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