Friday, September 19, 2008

Oracle OpenWorld 2008 coverage on mrontemp and the Ontario Emperor/Empoprises blog empire

Some of you may be coming to the mrontemp blog specifically for the purpose of learning about Oracle OpenWorld 2008. Unfortunately, this blog is "succinct and all-encompassing," which means that I speak about a whole bunch of stuff that WON'T interest you.

If you want to read my Oracle OpenWorld 2008 coverage, then use the URL...

...which gives you a set of posts free of Sarah Palin and Rowan Williams - unless, of course, they end up joining Michael Phelps at Oracle OpenWorld.

Williams, Phelps, and Palin...sounds like an act for the Cow Palace.

Speaking of which, there is the possibility that my Oracle OpenWorld 2008 coverage may appear on two other blogs that I manage.

Since the Oracle OpenWorld 2007 tents left San Francisco last November, I have started three vertical blogs under the Empoprises banner: Empoprise-IE to cover the Inland Empire of California, Empoprise-NTN to cover NTN/Buzztime, and Empoprise-MU to cover music issues.

I seriously doubt that Empoprise-IE will have any Oracle OpenWorld-related posts next week, but Empoprise-NTN already has Oracle OpenWorld-related material. (In fact, one post has already been featured on the Oracle OpenWorld blog. (A post in mrontemp has been similarly featured.) With my schedule next week, it's doubtful that I'll be playing any trivia, but if I do you'll hear about it at...

Now at present Empoprise-MU doesn't have any Oracle OpenWorld-related material, but who knows? There might be something there come Wednesday. If so, you'll find it at...

Trust me, this openworld08 label will save you a lot of grief.

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