Friday, September 12, 2008

Help me with my musical preparations for my Oracle OpenWorld Unconference presentation

As I've previously mentioned, I'm presenting at the Oracle OpenWorld 2008 Unconference on Thursday, September 25. My presentation is called "Securing the Moscone Center - why biometric entry won't be implemented at Oracle OpenWorld - yet."

I've been preparing for the preparation, outlining the subjects I want to cover, assembling the material, and working on the slide transitions. (Sorry, this won't be a "no slide zone." But I'm trying to assemble some pretty pictures.)

But now I've come to my real challenge - building up the playlist.

I haven't explicitly announced it in this blog (I've announced it on FriendFeed), but I believe that, as the creator of the lastfmfeeds FriendFeed room, it is imperative that my Unconference presentation make some passing reference to (I will also make one other social media-related reference, but you have to come to the presentation to see it.)

There is actually a method behind my madness. This gives me an opportunity to discuss the various types of biometrics (e.g. finger, face, iris), and will allow for a later opportunity to discuss the various ways in which biometrics can be used (ranging from connecting a felony to a criminal, to giving a kid a school lunch).

So I created my playlist, and it's coming along well. There's a Police song in there ("Wrapped Around Your Finger"), a bit of Eminem, a bit of Arcadia, and so forth.

I have a problem, however. The sixteen songs that I have identified as of noon today are not enough:

Subscribers can listen to playlists once they contain 45 tracks by 15 different artists.

What good is a playlist if you can't play it?

So I need your help. I need 29 nine more songs that can be related in some way to biometrics.

I'll take submissions in several different ways:

  1. As Disqus comments entered at the bottom of this blog post

  2. As Disqus comments entered directly into Disqus

  3. In the FriendFeed entry in my feed

  4. In the FriendFeed entry in the oow room

  5. In the FriendFeed entry in the lastfmfeeds room

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