Friday, September 19, 2008

More McBama news, including the McBamas' joint stand in Texas

As the professional and amateur spin doctors like repeatedly declare that our vote in November will either save the nation or plunge it into darkness, more people begin to wonder about the true differences between the two major candidates.

RedBlueChristian links to Scott Overpeck's Propaganda, which links to the "Republicocrat Campaign Song" video from BreakTheMatrix.

Meanwhile, Reverse_Vampyr links to a September 18 update on the Texas ballot story:

Mr. Barr personally filed an emergency request before the court on Thursday, asking that the state be ordered not to mail ballots overseas this weekend until the issue is legally resolved....

The Supreme Court has refused to dismiss the case outright and has asked all parties to file their response to the lawsuit by Monday.

Part of the legal basis for the suit is Bush vs. Gore, by which the U.S. Supreme Court held that “the clearly expressed intent of the legislature must prevail,” and that election laws must be uniformly applied and interpreted.

“Sound familiar Mr. Bush? Sound familiar Republicans?” Mr. Barr said, adding that the state law is unambiguous.

The Democrats and Republicans are united in their response:

“Quite frankly, I find it very ironic that those in the Libertarian Party, who have in the past been champions of ballot access, are now making attempts to limit that access here in Texas,” said Democratic Party chairman Boyd Richie.

“It is clear this is a politically motivated stunt by Bob Barr and his party, and a desperate attempt by a candidate to obtain media coverage,” he said.

Hans Klingler, Texas GOP spokesman, said that the Libertarians’ attempt to stop ballots from going to military personnel was truly unfortunate. “As this is now a matter for the state of Texas, we will await its resolution,” he said.

And by the way, if you didn't see my previous post on the topic, I've received some interesting comments.

Here's an excerpt from John Mills' comment:

Very clearly, the Supremes are not going to toss Obama and McCain off the ballot, but I think for a long time they have been itching for a good reason to toss out these stupid technical requirements. That is what they will likely do, and it will help alternative parties over the long haul by making rigorous application of technical rules obsolete.

Here's an excerpt from Steve's comment:

From my reading of the Law I fail to see how the Texas courts unless
they ignore the law can not rule in Barr's favor and then this will
become a Federal issue.

The Texas supreme court was very clear in a decision they handed down in
2006 they warned the parties and candidates. re Francis 186 S.W.3d 534

Here's an excerpt from Phil's comment:

I have been to law school and by the plain reading of the Texas law sections above (there may be "court ruling, etc." that I am not aware of); it is clear that Section 192.031 would take precedence over both Sections 181.005 and 181.068 because it is both more recent (e.g. 2005 versus 1986, 1987) and more specific (e.g. limited to presidential and vice-presidential candidates).

So, are we a nation of laws? We will see.

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