Thursday, June 19, 2008

Christmas in June, continued

Continuing the series on my Christmas Christmas 2006 presents.

Yesterday morning, I listened to Brian Eno's "Another Day on Earth" during my morning commute. I still haven't listened to all of the tracks yet; I got waylaid when I heard track 9, and I haven't gotten beyond that track since.

This morning, rather than continuing with Eno (or listening to "Just Another Day" in another endless loop), I moved on to the second audio CD, the Solomon Poss presents Vanguard Records vs. Sugar Hill Records sampler. It's billed as "a world title bout over twelve rounds," in which Vanguard and Sugar Hill artists compete for your affection. However, like Quisp/Quake and Count Chocula/FrankenBerry, this is a fake fight - both record labels were (and still are) part of the Welk Music Group.

The assembler of the sampler did something interesting however, in having the same song appear twice on the CD - once by a Sugar Hill artist, and once by a Vanguard artist.

The song? "Silver Dagger." According to Wikipedia, this song exists in printed form as early as 1907, and may date to the nineteenth century or even earlier.

The Sugar Hill artist (track 2)? Dolly Parton. Her version of the song was taken from her 1999 album "The Grass is Blue" (Sugar Hill 3900).

The Vanguard artist (track 6)? Joan Baez. Her version of the song was taken from her 1960 album "Joan Baez" (Vanguard 79594), and is probably the best-known version of the song.

Nice touch to include both recordings on the sampler.

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