Thursday, May 1, 2008

Time to resurrect the #caprimary hashtag again

This was the year in which California was going to make a difference, so we scheduled a special presidential primary in February. Ironically, we might have had more influence this year - at least for the Democrats - if we had just stuck to the old schedule and held the presidential primary in June as we used to do.

Be that as it may, we still have a June primary, but it's not going to involve the Presidential selection.

The first dribblings of what we will vote upon are starting to come out. The Foothill Cities Blog linked to a post from the Sam Adams Alliance. No, it's not a bunch of beer drinkers. It's a bunch of people concerned with property rights.

Californians face an alternative on the upcoming June ballot: protect their private property, or expose it to the continued attack of politicians and private entities seeking easy ill-gotten gain.

Proposition 98 is the real thing. It would outlaw taking private property for private use. It defines “just compensation” in detail so that persons who lose property to a public use have a better chance of being fairly compensated. It would enable the original owner of a property to buy it back if it was grabbed under false pretenses. And Prop 98 also phases out rent control....

Opponents prefer Proposition 99, a much more limited measure. It states that eminent domain may not be abused to steal an “owner-occupied residence.” So Prop 99 basically sanctions the state’s grabbing of small businesses — or any property for any purpose at all if you happen not to live there.

Why, oh why, did the Proposition 98 supporters throw rent control into the proposition? It must have been really important to them.

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