Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oracle makes the news again

Oracle was making the news all over the place when it opened registration for Oracle OpenWorld 2008. Unfortunately, a theatrical misunderstanding vaulted Oracle into the news again.


The CrunchGear/TechCrunch Iron Man screening, which Marvel tried to shut down...for no good reason back on.

Actually, it already WAS back on, because it happened on the 30th and I'm not writing about it until the 1st. But I digress.

Marvel is now saying that Oracle, which is promoting the movie, complained about the event. From our attorney: “He said this all arose from a misunderstanding. Paramount had not informed Marvel about your deal. Oracle had booked the theatre for a different screening at the same time. People at Oracle were upset thinking that their event was turning into a TechCrunch event and that there would be too many people, conflicts over who would get in, etc.”

So far I haven't found any comment from Oracle.

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