Thursday, May 1, 2008

OK, perhaps Ian McGarry and Frank Lampard had the future post feature before Blogger did

By 7:00 on Friday morning, a post that I have already written will magically appear, thanks to Blogger's new feature that allows you to post in the future.

But Ian McGarry mastered this art a couple of years ago. Here's something that McGarry and Frank Lampard wrote in 2006 for Lampard's autobiography:

"It's a long walk. Those who have done it say it can be a harrowing experience just making your way to the penalty spot. For a footballer, there can be few trips in life as significant as the 60 metre path towards a moment that will remain with you as long as you live. Like the walk down the aisle to be married or the sombre march to say a final goodbye to a loved one who has died..."

Of course, you know why this paragraph is being quoted this week.

On Wednesday night, [Frank Lampard Jr.] showed extraordinary courage to step up and take the extra-time penalty against Liverpool which helped put Chelsea into the Champions League final.

Today, he will join his father, sisters and family and bury his mother. Pat Lampard died of pneumonia last Thursday, aged 58.

The Sun article also quotes brother-in-law Harry Redknapp:

:"Anyone can take a penalty when you are two or three-up. But you are talking about the semi-final of the Champions League at 1-1. The self-belief he has separates good players from ordinary players."

However, Frank Lampard is not universally admired. Perhaps you've seen Chirag's comments to this post. Chirag's not the only one who is cold on Frank Lampard:

fat franks a cry baby

Heck, you'd think that Lampard had been dating an underage Mindy McCready or something...

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