Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's the grip of a threat, c'mon

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

If you didn't hear, Dave Winer went through the gamut of political emotions yesterday.

Winer has ended up supporting Obama, but his primary goal is to ensure what is best for the country. To that end, Winer tweeted the following:

IMHO: 1. Obama will offer HRC the VP slot. 2. She'll accept. 3. It's a good thing. 4. They'll win.

This isn't an unusual thought. A month or two ago, everyone was talking about a dream ticket. And, frankly, their positions are similar, so they would be politically compatible.

Well, Dave tweeted that at 8:50 am. Then Hillary made a little statement, and Dave was forced to change his mind.

Bringing assassination into political discourse as an "issue" is too much.

Hillary Clinton is a sophisticated, calculating politician. She doesn't make accidental statements, and has in no way earned the benefit of the doubt. Her explanation is a non-explanation. Her retraction was not a retraction, and she was nowhere in the neighborhood of an apology

Screwing around with life and death is over the top.

I don't know if Clinton and her husband being intentionally devious in their statements. My suspicion is that the allegedly-super smart Clinton is being stupid; super smart people can be stupid at times.

Oh well, Clinton can put her troubles out of her mind, take a brief vacation in Pennsylvania, and go shooting.

Oops. Bad choice of words on my part.

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