Saturday, May 24, 2008

When something's funny there's a feeling you get

A few years ago, one of my co-workers had an unpleasant experience in a hotel. I won't reveal the hotel name or location, other than to say that the city rhymes with Bemver and the hotel name rhymes with Shaddams Park. Apparently my co-worker observed some hotel workers not taking the most diligent care when washing (or, in this case, not washing) the water glasses.

My co-worker is not alone. Mrs. Loquacious:

Last night...I had ordered up room service, including a bottle of Mike's Hard Cranberry, which came up from the hotel restaurant with a wine glass. Knowing that the restaurant glasses go through an industrial washer, I felt safe in using the wine glass for my booze.

This early afternoon (1:00 p.m.) when I finally left my room, I had left said glass on the desk in the room for the housekeeping staff to take away with them when they cleaned the room.

Imagine my alarm, then, when I returned to the room a mere 2.5 hours later to find the same wine glass, back in my room, with a "Clean" cover over it. I found it hard to believe that the hotel had actually run this wine glass down to the industrial dishwasher in their kitchen or basement, and brought the same glass back up to my room....

[The manager] explained to me that drinking glasses are only washed in the industrial-strength washers upon check out, or up to 3x/week on certain "wash" days. Housekeepers allegedly keep a bottle of dish detergent on their cart, and they will clean the glasses in the room using the tap water from the bathroom sink and the dish detergent during the other days of the week, particularly if the people in the room are staying there for longer than one night.

Mrs. Loquacious' reaction:


That's the way to give your hotel guests the warm fuzzies.

I'll be staying in a hotel in a couple of weeks. Perhaps I should pretend I'm in Mexico and buy bottled liquids.

P.S. Again, the title is from here.

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