Friday, May 9, 2008

I was arrested today, or at least that's how it appeared

OK, call me honest. I was going to simply title this post "I was arrested today," but I'm being inspired to honesty in online communications.

So here's the real story - this morning, our marcom guy needed to get some pictures of a law enforcement-related product, and he needed someone to be "arrested" in the pictures. I immediately volunteered as a way to broaden my theatrical horizons. I have appeared in several musicals over the years, but normally in the "bumbling fool" roles. For example, I have played Mayor George Shinn - twice. I figured that if I could successfully pull off the role of hardened criminal, I could diversify into other theatrical roles.

So, just before the photo shoot, I asked the marcom guy, "Should I get my leather jacket out of the trunk of my car?" He assured me it wasn't necessary.

So I did the entire photo shoot in a light blue knit shirt. I think that I was being convicted of falsifying my golf score or something.

The funniest moment occurred during the shoot itself. We were out in the company partking lot, and the guy in the police uniform had just handcuffed me, and had just instructed me to spread my legs as far apart as possible.

That, of course, was the time that one of my co-workers drove into the parking lot, arriving back at work from lunch.

If she hadn't noticed the third guy with the camera, I would have had some 'splaining to do.

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