Friday, May 9, 2008

Of course I live in Ontario, Canada. Why do you ask?

Perhaps you've seen the tweeted announcements that say things such as

I'm at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC

Such things worry Alan Reiter:

Top Ten Reasons for Faking Your Location

So, you think faking your location isn’t a big deal? Here are the top ten reasons why you’re wrong (in reverse order, of course), from the ridiculous to the serious:

10. You want a few more rounds of beer at an after-hours pub, and you can’t have your wife tracking you down just because she locked herself out of the house… in the rain.

9. It’s tough work repairing Comcast Internet connections, so the cable repairman doesn’t want to be bothered while taking a nap at a customer’s home.

8. The process server looking for your back alimony payment is getting too close for comfort.

7. The cost of gasoline for using the company car during a weekend of gambling in Atlantic City should be a legitimate business expense.

6. It’s difficult to make a living driving a cab if you’re not allowed to drive from Times Square to the Empire State Building via New Jersey.

5. You don’t want your parents to know you are at a frat party in Tijuana, instead of attending classes at college.

4. You’ve told Bill you don’t want to date him, but he’s still following you.

3. You’re meeting activists in a public place to plan an anti-government protest and you don’t want to be questioned.

2. You’ve got a few more days until you can cross the border to escape from a repressive regime and you must not be found by security forces.

1. You don't want to be found and attacked by an abusive spouse.

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