Friday, April 25, 2008

More on Pat Lampard

There seems to be an extreme amount of interest in the death of the late Pat Lampard.

The thing that intrigued me about the story was her relationship to three English football figures:

Despite much searching, I was unable to find a true biography of Pat Lampard, but I did find this 2006 Woman & Home article, which included this text attributed to her.

Young Frank practised hard and talent scouts soon spotted him and invited him to train at top clubs, including Arsenal. But he chose West Ham and, at 11, he joined its youth academy, training after school. Even then he had a sensible head on him. His plan B was to become a lawyer. Frank loved school and took some GCSEs a year early.

The pride I feel as Frank's mum that means more to me than any of the football success. Pride that he's a decent human being. Often people come up to me at games and say, 'We love Frank, he's so normal, so down to earth,' or 'He's so polite, he always gives people time and signs autographs.'

I'm also very proud that he has become an ambassador for the Teenage Cancer Trust, which offers support, advice and services for teenage cancer patients and their families.

I worry that I sound like a bragging mum sometimes, but when you hear someone else praising your children, that's the ultimate compliment. As a mum, what more can you want?”

As you can see, not a lot about Pat herself, but about her son. I'd love to know the story about how the twin sisters dated and married two footballers. [SEE THIS COMMENT.]


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