Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Letter from the Editor - a formatting change here at mrontemp

I haven't talked about it, but I made a formatting change to this blog a few days ago.

This post from last Friday was the last post on this blog that contained my old post footer.

Perhaps you remember it:

[mrontemp business] | [mrontemp politics] | [mrontemp technology] | [mrontemp tags]

"But O," you're saying to yourself, "you've included posts without that footer before. What about this post from early Friday morning?"

Good point, and this is actually one of the reasons that I removed the footer. When I write blog posts on my mobile phone, I email them to Blogger, bypassing the Blogger post template. Therefore, the emailed mobile posts included the footer, while the web-based non-mobile posts did.

So, why did I ever include the footer in the first place?

One of the reasons that I started the mrontemp blog, supersedeing my old Ontario Empoblog, was because of Blogger's label capability. I knew that I would be touching on a number of subjects, but that people wouldn't be interested in everything that I write. Therefore, I figured that if people weren't interested in my religion views, they'd just look at my posts with the technology label. Or vice versa. Or whatever.

But it didn't really happen. I've been watching my Google Analytics data, and despite the fact that I was placing my most popular labels on the footers for most of my blog posts, people don't read this blog by labels.

Perhaps they would if there were an rss feed associated with each label, but as far as I can tell, there is no such beast.

For the record, here are the labels that I use for this blog, and the number of posts (not counting this one) that are filed under each label.

adobenortonzyxelcpu (16)
art (14)
blogday2007 (6)
business (838)
education (111)
geography (207)
micromedia110107 (1)
mototrips (8)
movies (63)
msnphotosserver (12)
music (304)
openworld07 (72)
openworld08 (6)
openworld2007 (23)
openworld2008 (2)
politics (758)
print (175)
radio (105)
religion (326)
sports (275)
stage (38)
technology (733)
television (216)

Note, however, that many of my posts have more than one label (business+technology is a common combination).

So I'll mention it here - if you're only interested in my musings on technology (even if I'm not a formally educated programmer), then you may want to just read my postings that fall under the label

Now back to our normal programming.

P.S. For the record, I have written code for pay. I was doing some HyperTalk programming circa 1990.

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