Friday, April 18, 2008

Articles 47 and 48 from the Egyptian Constitution

From the Egyptian State Information Service, here are excerpts from THE CONSTITUTION OF THE ARAB REPUBLIC OF EGYPT After the Amendments Ratified on May 22, 1980 Referendum:

Article 47

Freedom of opinion is guaranteed.

Every individual has the right to express his opinion and to publicise it verbally or in writing or by photography or by other means within the limits of the law.
Self-criticism and constructive criticism is the guarantee for the safety of the national structure.

Article 48

Freedom of the press, printing, publication and mass media shall be guaranteed.
Censorship on newspapers is forbidden as well as notifying, suspending or cancelling them by administrative methods.

In a state of emergency or in time of war a limited censorship may be imposed on the newspapers, publications and mass media in matters related to public safety or purposes of national security in accordance with the law.

Now, of course, there are certain caveats in these two articles. And, of course, people can argue that we the people of the United States do not always live up to our own Constitution.

But Articles 47 and 48 do provide a frame of reference in which one can ask why James Karl Buck and Mohammed Salah Ahmed Maree were arrested in the first place.

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