Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Speaking of Remarkable (?) Men

You may have heard Ron Paul described that way, but tweeter/blogger Wired Pig has decided that none of the remaining men and women in the presidential run is remarkable:

I am already sick of the political season. None of the current contenders is worthy of my vote....Its that simple. I will no longer settle for a choice of evils in voting for president.

The Pig set forth his views in a mid-February post. While he believes in government-mandated health care for children, he can't stomach many of the other ideas that Clinton, Obama, and McCain are pushing. (He does miss Romney, however.)

He also gave a succinct statement of his views in a tweet to me last night:

@oemperor kinda... pro natl defense, no nafta and socially open.... not pro natl healthare cept for kids

And in another tweet:

im conservative, pro immigration reform, love to see boobies, and pro equal rights for gays... hows that?

The "boobies" reference was related to the disappearance of @foulbastard from Twitter, as explained farther down in his post.

At some point I'll start looking at the third parties and seeing how their nomination fights are shaping up. I'm assuming that Nader will get the Green nod just from the name recognition factor. Not sure what's going to happen with the others, or whether or not the Libertarians will have to deal with their own "name recognition factor" issue.

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