Wednesday, March 5, 2008

No, I'm not turning to Harvey Levin for Theology Lessons

Remember the well circulated photo of Paris Hilton carrying a Bible and some other book?

Well, according to Eye of Polyphemus, Hilton is going in another direction (and it's not the way of Marriott):

[S]he has found Maxie Santillan I, a alleged spiritual guru to help her find her inner Buddha. She even took him on a recent shopping trip in which he advised her to gave a $ 20,000 diamond necklace to a total stranger to improve her spiritual health. Lucky stranger, huh?

The problem is, whether Hilton knows it or not, her guru is a fraud He is actually an actor who has appeared on shows like My Name is Earl and The Spongebob Squarepants Movie. He has a Myspace, to boot.

So here is the question: who is fooling who? Is Hilton pulling a con job on the public or is Gandalf there taking advantage of Hilton’s full wallet and empty head. One wonders whether the “lucky” necklace recipient was not a partner in crime instead.

Jamie from Eye of Polyphemus linked to a story, but you know that I refuse to go to anything associated with Harvey Levin. So I went to MySpace instead. Although it's a private profile, we do get a glimpse of the wisdom of this remarkable man.

""Burbank can kiss my Ass""

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