Thursday, March 6, 2008

One Jennifer Down, One To Go

Remember my post from yesterday that included the following?

Several years ago, back when I was writing the Ontario Empoblog, I somehow ended up adding several Buffalo-area and ex-Buffalo-area bloggers to my blogroll.

One of those was Erin....

As far as I can tell, Jennifer and Stephanie have stopped blogging. Pity.

Well, if I may quote Jim Bakker, I was wrong. Erin herself pointed out that Jennifer is still blogging.

I performed a quick search and found her current blog, All Things Jennifer. The search term itself was easy to set up, since she has had at least two previous blogs with the title All Things Jennifer. This blog appears to be as good as her previous blogs.

And what's more, she uses Twitter. Times change.

But as I celebrated by joy in finding the New York Jennifer, this reminded me that I had lost track of the Ohio Jennifer. (Both were MySpace friends, and I even mentioned both of them in the same post once.) The Ohio Jennifer was frequently cited in my Ontario Empoblog (here is an example), and she was in fact responsible for bringing me into a group Bible study blog called Word Search in which we were reading through the entire New Testament in a year. Even after Jennifer left Christianity, we continued to stay in touch. However, Jennifer was dealing with several issues, including a rough divorce, and eventually ended up disappearing from the blog world. Hope to find her again someday.

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Jennifer said...

Tee hee. I will never stop blogging. I'm just fickle and find new places to blog and lose many, many followers and links along the way. I've had 4 different URL's that I can think of!!! Now I just own and will point anyone over there. ;)

Sweet post. Thanks for finding me!!!

Ontario Emperor said...

Glad to find you!