Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lots of Miles From Vietnam, 3 1/2 Years Later

Back in October 2004, in the course of discussing an old notebook of mine, I quoted the lyrics to a Monty Python song about Finland.

I guess that Python's love for Finland wasn't a one-time affair (or merely a contractual obligation), as Michael Hanscom's post quoting the beginning of the Spamalot program illustrates. As Python is wont to do, the program for Spamalot instead presented information on a completely different production.

Fannnii Oopsaatli, Mooni Murikkikonnen and Ni-Jerkk Productions
In association with
The Flying Finns Areial Ballet, Rovaniemi Traffic Police, Border Guards for Christ and The International Friends of the Sauna
A Ruudo Kokki — Lapp Cheese Council Production Of


(Finns Ain’t What They Used to Be)

It even goes into detail to provide the production credits for this noteworthy production. One excerpt:

STONG VATTIAAANIKKERA (Moose Trainer). Stong, twice winner of the most westerly man in Finland, grew up with moose. “Very often I would go down to breakfast and find moose in the kitchen, in the car and sometimes listening to the radio, dressed up to look like my mother and father.” During almost a decade of psychiatric treatment, Song took up ballet as a way of dealing with what he called “bad thoughts.” The treatment worked, and Stong took, and on the third time passed, accountancy exams. He returned to the community and rose to become CEO and lifetime president of the Finnish Steel Corporation. What few people knew was that in the evening Stong was combining the two “loves of my life”: moose and ballet. Without anyone knowing, he hired a theatre and put on his very on creation, Moose Lake. As a result he was re-admitted to hospital where, despite everyone’s best efforts, he wrote and scored 12 more moose ballets. Now 88 years old and a trim 193 pounds, Stong believes his time has come. “For years I was laughed at. I only hope I will be again tonight.”

But what's more, this impressive production has been reviewed:

Indeed, “Dik Od Triaanenen Fol (Finns Ain’t What They Used To Be)” is a near-perfect dose of prre entertainment. All of the mooše are really quite lovely, with their long pretty hornš and delightful plumage.

If you'd like to see the Denver version of the playbill, go here.

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