Monday, March 17, 2008

33 1/3 - Revisiting Amy Gahran

I was reading my Google Reader feeds earlier tonight, and I ran across a BL Ochman interview with Amy Gahran.

The name rang a bell, so I used my Motorola Q to perform a web search. I ended up in the July 2005 archive of the Ontario Empoblog, which is much too huge to look at on a mobile phone.

Now I'm at the computer, and I found the specific Ontario Empoblog post in which I briefly mentioned Amy Gahran. Yes, only briefly. It turns out that most of the post deals with Bartles & Jaymes, simply because a Below the Fold (Gary Goldhammer) post mentioned Gahran, Bartles, and Jaymes. (One of these people is not like the others.)

And now this mention of Amy Gahran has had its own unintended result, because I have discovered the July 2005 archive of the Ontario Empoblog. I was writing some pretty fascinating stuff back then, 33 1/3 months ago give or take a month or two.

I may revisit some of it.

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