Monday, March 17, 2008

33 1/3 - Revisiting Danny Bonaduce and Jamie White

Back in July 2005, I wrote this post about the firing of Danny Bonaduce from Star 98.7 (KYSR), including a little of the history of how Bonaduce joined Jamie White on the station in the first place.

Of course, 33 1/3 months (give or take) is an eternity in radio, and things have certainly changed in that time.

Last I had heard of Danny Bonaduce, he had become Adam Carolla's sidekick - where, ironically, he was broadcasting on the same station as Frank Kramer and Frosty Stilwell, who were Jamie White's former partners until Danny was hired.

Apparently Bonaduce now has his own show. Bob Rhein was not impressed.

[Who do I] [n]ot like so much? A couple of weeks ago, I told you that Danny Bonaduce would be great with his own show? I managed to listen to a couple of his 2 p.m. shows on Free FM … this dude is a train wreck!

So what happened to Jamie White? She had a fracas with "Hi, we're the Handel kids" as well as the Handel dad, and later I heard that she had departed. (Not because of Handel.) She is apparently out of radio and has her own website. However, when you go to the contact page you run into this message:

WARNING: This section contains nudity and erotic photography. It is ONLY intended for mature audiences over the age of 21. Do not go any further if you find this material offensive OR, if you are under the age of 21 OR, if you are not considered an adult in the state where you reside OR, if possession of the material and/or products found here are against the standards and/or law in the community where you reside....

Bla bla bla. But this one was interesting:

I am not, nor have I ever been employed by a law enforcement agency.

I guess that means that Shaq can't look at Jamie White pictures.

Wow, it takes a lot to make Danny Bonaduce look respectable, but it looks like Jamie White has done it.

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