Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yeah, Twitter is all-encompassing also

The purpose of my 366-day old mrontemp blog ( is to be "succinct and all-encompassing." My Twitter account ( is certainly succinct, due to the nature of Twitter, but a look through some of the replies that I have recently received indicates that it is all-encompassing also. (Actually, I rediscovered this.)

Here's a selection of what people have said to me via Twitter over the last few days.

ninjapoodles @oemperor I rarely pay for more than half of the groceries I buy, thanks to coupons, Kroger's "doubling" policy, and good timing. ;-)

foulbastard @oemperor what if everyone's last tweet was, "Nanu Nanu!"? That'd be super amazingly cool!

michaelallison @oemperor The Rat Pack started as a drinking buddies. I have drinking buddies, but maybe they're not as classy as the original pack.

gwfrink3 @oemperor My tinkertoy computer circa 1960 required no special cooling and could ride in a little red wago.

phillymac @oemperor Shout out to new twitter friend. Maybe instead of bear arms, or bare arms, we should consider beer arms! Cheers!

GeekMommy @oemperor - heh! portable 1965? "yes, we can move it from one side of the room to the other with only 8 guys!" ;)

vesparider @oemperor After today, McCain now has to make that movie! With or without studios support. "Hucking Huckabee" is the working title! :)

CandyLynn @oemperor Goshen is a favorite spot! I've never been to stalter museum either...

susanreynolds @oemperor We've gotta get @conniereece well so I can put into effect a brilliant plan to auction boa-wearing lessons, It could be classic!

I like my Twitter friends.

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