Sunday, February 10, 2008

Belated Anniversary of this Blog, with an Update on Jim Samples (Cartoon Network's fall guy)

Well, I saw the Family Travel blog's two year anniversary message, so I figured that I'd better confirm that today (February 10) was the one year anniversary of the mrontemp blog.

It wasn't. As I noted a week and a day ago, the official anniversary was on February 9, when I wrote about Jim Samples leaving the Cartoon Network over the Mooninite fiasco.

It turns out that Samples landed on his feet in Knoxville, Tennessee last September. The Scruffy City Blog clearly believes that Samples was merely the fall guy:

I've been an admirer for a while. He's the former chief of Cartoon Network who resigned *cough* after Boston lost its sense of humor and went kookoockachoo over those Adult Swim neon signs were strapped to poles in public view.

Well it looks like HGTV snagged the brilliant man who had the brains to OK shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Everyone who worked at CN...said nothing but good things about Jim, and frankly I'm giddy that he'll be setting down roots in our squalid little burg.

Of course, we're not squalid. HGTV and Scripps in general is making some pretty good moves lately.

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Sheila at Family Travel said...

Hi, thanks for noting my blog's birthday! I'm lucky I even remembered to get a post up, and here all these other folks manage to run week-long celebrations, giveaways and assorted hoopla.

Maybe next year I'll get it together for a proper party. :)

Ontario Emperor said...

Or you can just take a vacation at that time. :)