Saturday, February 2, 2008

Wonder if the ad agencies will monitor this one

I thought I had my system down.

I'd tweet my reviews and begin them with "@twitcrit #*" which would ensure that the reviews got into both the twitcrit and the hashstar feeds.

Then Jeremiah Owyang messed up my system:

Are you a superbowl ad critic? Of course you are, everyone is. Even if you don’t watch the superbowl, those pervasive ads will end up in YouTube, Digg, and your cousins blog and your best friends Facebook profile. Tired of others choosing which one was the funniest/stupidist/biggest waste of time? Well this year, you can rate your own superbowl ads using Twitter, and see what everyone else in Twitter thinks too.

Owyang has set up the Twitter account @superbowlads and is encouraging people to follow and reply to this account, using the "commercial name/stars" format. Here are some examples:

“@superbowlads That Pepsi commercial was funny 4 stars”

“@superbowlads The Hillary Clinton advertisement was bunko 2 stars”

“@superbowlads Bud-wise-er, that was so 10 years ago, weak. 1 star”

Logic + Emotion states:

Twitter will once again display [its] uncanny ability to seize the momentum of an event and act as a conversation ecosystem. Remember, this isn't mass communication, it's niche communication. It's less important that there are millions of conversations going on about both the game and the Ads—what's important is that for thousands of people, their behavior has been altered. Instead of passively sitting in front of a TV cheering on the game or laughing at the Ads, many of us will actively be tapping away at mobile devices—texting away and connecting with people from all over the globe.

But what does this indicate about us?

[A]s you are watching the game tomorrow (or just pretending to watch). Look at the people around the room. How many of them will be fiddling with some kind of mobile device? Yeah—phone calls count too. Point is that tomorrow will most likely be an interesting case study for partial attention. One eye on the game, another on conversations in the room and for some, yet another on remote conversations.

Yes, Francine Hardaway's CPA has re-emerged.

Incidentally, here is the @superbowlads Twitter account (with 48 followers as I type this).

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Jeremiah Owyang said...

Hey sorry to mess up your system, I didn't know about the other ways people were going to rate the ads.

Francine Hardaway said...

Well, I think it's Danah Boyd's Continuous Partial Attention, BUT you can be sure I will be at the Superbowl Party I am hosting (with two other women) with more than a mobile device. I will have my laptop so I can watch the game, vote on Twitter, talk to friends, and read feeds. Oh, and EAT

Ontario Emperor said...

Jeremiah, no @twitcrit today. Well, provided that Twitter doesn't have a #twittout.

Francine, I'm still at least theoretically on South Beach, so no chocolate covered lard fajitas washed down with beer for me. (OK, I will indulge a little bit...)