Saturday, February 2, 2008

More on the Twitter hosting situation

Biz Stone has posted this on the Twitter blog:

We're proud to announce our strategic alliance with a company known for reliability. A subdivision of the historic Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, NTT America is part of an organization capable of restoring power to an entire nation in the wake of devastating natural disasters.

It should be noted that Verio, mentioned in TechCrunch and in my blog post of yesterday, is also a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation. Wikipedia clarifies the current relationship:

Verio continues to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT America.

At the end of 2005, the backbone and some dedicated hosting centers moved to NTT America, with the web hosting business staying with Verio.

The Last Podcast, which is also skeptical that this hosting deal is the necessary prelude to an investment deal, says the following:

Now the next part of the rumors were that this will be the lead-in for an announcement of Twitter’s acquisition by NTT or at least some form of investment by NTT. I don’t think there is a necessary link between the choice of host and any other announcement, so I am still on the fence about this rumor.

Here is for hoping that the service will become more stable thanks to this move and all the other infrastructure work the team at Twitter is putting into this. I hear there is an important football game coming up this weekend. Might be a good way of testing the system.

Great. I completely forgot about that. There's a chance that the @superbowlads thingie that I talked about earlier may not work at all, if we have a #twittout.


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