Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rialtans and YouTube

This came from the Sun and refers to Cam-Capone's video about Rialto, California (east of Ontario, California):

A rap music video on has become the talk of the town.
Residents and the police chief were so offended by the video, which had been viewed 26,299 times as of Wednesday afternoon, that they are trying to convince the popular video-sharing Web site YouTube to take it down.

But the rapper featured in the video said he's just expressing what he's experienced in the city.

"I'm just really representing how I grew up," said the rapper, "Cam-Capone," who would not provide his real name.

Cam-Capone, 30, and his crew perform the song "Rialto City," which is full of profanity, gang references and includes the group drinking alcohol in public, holding guns and pointing them at the camera....

The Police Department first learned of the video on Feb. 4, Police Chief Mark Kling wrote in an e-mail to members of the community.

"Clearly this video steps over the line and promotes the violent nature of gangs," he wrote to YouTube in an effort to convince the Google-owned site to take down the video.

YouTube responded to the police chief by saying the video does not appear to violate its terms of use.

Kling and other residents are encouraging others in the community to complain to YouTube.

Well, the video is still up, and it's gotten about 28,000 views. (Language warning.)

Residents of Chino and Compton were unavailable for comment.

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