Saturday, February 23, 2008

Perhaps they can sell it from a pushcart

I just posted something in my Ontario, California blog mrontario about suspicions that the Santiago Contreras kidnapping may be drug-related.

So it's fitting that yojoe alerted us to a future California proposition:

There is a initiative set for the November 2008 ballot in California to legalize cannabis hemp for:

"(a) industrial products, (b) medicinal preparations, (c) nutritional products, (d) religious and spiritual products, and (e) recreational and euphoric use and products."

I'll have to research this proposition, although I'm not sure why all five were thrown in the same proposition, especially since item (b) is theoretically legal in California.

I say "theoretically" because the Federal government is claiming jurisdiction in this area.

Remember when political conservatives used to talk about states' rights?

But back to the proposition and its potential effect on the Mexican drug trade. This could lead to some interesting proposition financing. Remember when Nevada casinos opposed the expansion of California casinos in the recent California primary? I can just picture the negative ads that will be running in this state come October.

This proposition will give you freedom of choice. The Mexican drug mafia doesn't like that, and they're pouring millions of dollars into the fight against this proposition.

The TV picture, of course, would show a nice, clean-cut family getting kidnapped at gunpoint.

So that's the anti-anti-proposition ad. The anti-pro-proposition ad will show evil Communists drugging the populace.

I love election season.

But if the Communists defeat the Mexican drug lords in the November election, then will all of the push carts sell some euphoria along with their tacos? If so, then the push carts will probably sell a LOT of tacos. Peas, schmeas.

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DAve said...

Too late...

I was in Pomona Sur about five years ago and the ice cream truck comes down the street about 11:30 p.m.

*Strange hours for an ice cream truck*

Ontario Emperor said...

I'm sure you can also buy ice cream at the crack of dawn. You may need some toke-ns to do so. And that ice cream driver, she's a real heroin(e).