Friday, February 1, 2008

How about a Bacon Cheeseburger in zwei Dosen?

This is a followup to my previous post Cheeseburger in der Dose!

And my previous post Salt of the Earth - The Jesuit Recruiting Bacon Mashup.

You see, I suspect that I had heard about Bacon Salt (discussed in the "Salt of the Earth" post) from Dethroner, who discusses all things bacon.

Well, they have a new product (actually, a very old product) that they're discussing, which is the perfect complement to "Cheeseburger in a Can" (subject of the top post).

Before it was popped open, its insides splayed out for the world to see, this was one of the last known samples of Canned Sliced Bacon (Product of Hungary). This particular can was about twenty years old, but the bacon inside was still as fresh as a New Jersey breeze.

There is a picture of a can with the label "Celebrity Sliced Bacon." And yes, it is a product of Hungary. (Or is that Hungry?)

But canned bacon is about to return, just in time to be paired with your German cheeseburger in a can:

Watch this site [] for an announcement on the next generation of canned bacon - produced in Ohio under direct license from, the exclusive importers of Red Feather Canned Australian Cheddar Cheese and Red Feather New Zealand Canned Creamery Butter.

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