Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cheeseburger in der Dose!

You may have seen Julia Roy's request to receive blog URLs from a number of Twitter users, which she plans to incorporate into her reader feed.

Just the fact that this blog may be added to said feed indicates Roy's masochistic tendencies (although, to be fair, just because a blog is in a feed doesn't necessarily mean that you're obligated to READ the blog's posts).

I tweeted the URL to her, but then I got curious regarding the others who were sending her their blog URLs (the information is available via Tweetscan, at least for those like me who sent public messages). One of the tweeters was Kevin Donahue, whom I ended up adding to MY feed.

I think I'm gonna like this blog. Here's a recent sample:

Do you like cheeseburgers? Sure ya do! Who doesn't?!

What if you could have a cheeseburger any time you wanted it, anywhere in the world? Well now you can.

Straight from the sharpest minds in Germany… it's the cheeseburger in a can.

There's a link to Gizmodo's ponderings on the product:

I honestly can't figure out how I feel about this: is it the greatest achievement of mankind thus far, or is it an abomination of foodstuffs that deserves to be hucked back into the gaping maw of whatever food processing plant it was spewed from?

And you can buy it too, for less than four Euros.

The Deutsch product name, by the way, is "Cheeseburger in der Dose."

I'd ask my German Eurodaughter about the product, but she's more of a salad type of person. And even if she weren't, I can't see her opening up a Dose for a burger.

Strangely enough, you would think that the Americans or the Japanese would have come up with this idea before the Germans would. Just goes to show that innovation is worldwide.

P.S. The reference in my tweet to Julia possibly already subscribing to my blog is based on the fact that she commented on at least one of my posts last year. However, that doesn't necessarily mean she's a subscriber. I think she can find better things to read.

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