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Where Are They Now? Tracy Simers

In an attempt to be less reactive and more reflective, I decided that I would take one of my older posts in the mrontemp blog and revisit the person(s) or situation(s) that I was discussing at the time.

I determined that I would check Google Analytics and find the most popular blog post in the entire history of the mrontemp blog. Whatever it was, I'd write about it.

As I write these words, I still have not checked my Google Analytics tab to see what the number one post was. Time to do so.

OK. The clear winner was a May 2007 post which received a lot of activity in the fall. The post? All you need to know - the Tracy Simers Wikipedia article grows. This particular post, which for some reason ended up near the top of Google searches for Tracy Simers (and is still today the number three post for such a search), chronicled an edit by an anonymous Wikipedia user that noted that Tracy attended the University of Notre Dame.

Perhaps I should catch some of you up on this whole affair.

T.J. Simers is a sports columnist who, after several other jobs around the country, landed at the Los Angeles Times. A few years ago, Simers decided to branch into radio and decided to bring one of his daughters, Tracy Simers, along for the ride on KLAC radio. Tracy had left Notre Dame with an accounting education, and she maintained her accounting career while working weekends with Dad on the radio.

This all changed when Mancow got the boot. As I wrote a little over a year ago:

AM 570, purportedly a sports station, has now actually shifted to a sports format. Phil Hendrie has been replaced by Joe McDonnell, and Greasemancow or whatever (Mancow) has been replaced by a local show with Fred Roggin, T. J. Simers, and Tracy Simers. As far as I know, no Krystal Fernandez on the air out here (except perhaps in Lancaster).

This meant that "Roggin and Simers Squared" were working every weekday, which meant that Tracy Simers had to temporarily leave her accounting career behind as she sat in between the opinionated Roggin and the very opinionated T.J. Simers.

The show was on the air for a while, until Dan Patrick became available and Roggin and Simers Squared were bought out, although it was subsequently revealed that T.J. Simers wanted to quit the show anyway, tiring of the grind.

So, what happened to Tracy Simers? I haven't been able to find anything subsequent to her October 5, 2007 blog post. has the briefest of biographies:

Simers, Tracy: KLAC, 2006-07. Tracy co-hosted a morning show (Roggin & Simers Squared) on all-Sports KLAC until September 27, 2007.

And what of my famous Wikipedia article? Well, as the history notes:

  • My last edit was in July, in which I made a minor change regarding the location of KLAC radio

  • Some spammer made a couple of attempts to add some "ugly bitch" and "gang bang" references to the page, but they were reversed.

  • On October 2, an anonymous contributor noted the end of the Roggin and Simers Squared show, and that Tracy Simers would no longer be affiliated with KLAC.

  • On November 28, "CmdrObot" made a spelling correction.
Incidentally, there is still a "general notability guideline" flag on the article, dating from June 2007. Although I performed some subsequent edits to the article, I chose not to remove the flag. Considering that she has dropped out of public view, perhaps that was the best decision.

But Tracy will be happy to know that her name has now infiltrated the world of spam blog postings. Here's a sample:

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whether freshman forward Tracy Smith would qualify academically. He
did and now the Detroit native is expected to bring some
inside-outside scoring punch off the bench this year. ...
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If I may paraphrase Barry Manilow, looks like she made it.

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